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National LED Solutions LLC_ Solar lighting _ comprehensive solar lighting panels
National LED Solutions LLC_ Solar lighting Solar Lighting


National LED Solutions, LLC offers solar streetlights and area lighting that are 100% powered by the Sun.  Therefore, no AC power is needed. Your solar panels will be installed on an existing concrete base, which is a 4" to 8" bolt circle. These lights are functional even when you have no utilities available and only 1 to 2 hours is needed for their charging time.

Not all solar streetlights are the same. We offer quality, researched, tested, and patented solar lights.

Solar panels

•  2 panels per unit. Wattage depending on climate and location



Batteries made in USA

•  2 AGM lead acid maintenance-free batteries with a life span of 5 to 7 years. Made in the USA



LED fixture made in Michigan, USA

•  70-watt streetlight or area light 70-watt fixture (7720 Lumens)



Pole made in Michigan, USA

•  Patented design-pole, rack and battery box all in one

•  Made from aluminum machine grade, will last longer than steel, fiberglass, or wood

•  Tamperproof battery box, no key, and will not rust shut

•  Easy to install, mounts to 4" to 8" bolt circle

•  Colors of black, bronze, tan, or custom

•  Wind tested to 98 mph on a normal base



Accessories available

•  Emergency phone charges

•  Security cameras

•  Internet areas

•  Available for events, holidays, and advertising

•  Banners are great for event, holidays, and advertising

Comprehensive Solar Lighting Panels for Your Home and Business

Most solar lighting panels in the market have only 5 or 10 days before they stop working. Count on our family-owned and locally operated business to offer you only the best quality solar products for your home or business.

Professional solar lighting installation to brighten your way

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