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Are you planning to increase the amount of light output and safety while dramatically decreasing your maintenance and energy costs of your business? Contact National LED Solutions, LLC, in business since 2009, to discuss LED lighting options to determine what will best fit your needs. Providing your employees and customers with the best lighting will result in a more productive day.

  • LED tubes - A great choice if you're looking to replace your old fluorescent lighting, designed to physically fit into fixture intended to fit into fluorescent tubes. LED tube lamps are intended to be a drop-in replacement into existing fixtures. We'll work with you on installation and any rewiring.

  • LED high bays - These lighting environments are unique for factories, gymnasiums, warehouses, and large retail applications as well as other facilities that are some of the largest energy consumers. With LED upgrades, you will be able to recoup costs with decreased energy costs.

  • LED low bays - Lighting for smaller areas of 8' to 14' designed for low mounting heights of 20' or less. They create a brighter work environment and often have a diffuser on the bottom of the light. This aids to spread the light in a fashion that is reflective of the lower ceiling height.

  • Parking lots - Use for general and security lighting in large areas, building facades, signs, and landscape. There are fixtures and retrofit kits available.

Cost-Effective LED Lighting for Your Business

Take advantage of the huge savings you can have with the easy installations of LED lighting. Whether you install LED lighting for a factory, hospital, school, or municipality, the lights will pay for themselves in a few years.

Huge savings over the life span of your commercial building

Office Lighting

All LED lights are covered by a 3-5 year warranty. Wholesale pricing available.

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